Mysterious art inspires curiosity

During the second week of school, a piece of art appeared at the front of the school, leaving students and staff to ask questions, discuss artistic expression.


Jodee Capati, Lead Writer

It is a new school year filled with new opportunities. There is opportunity to meet new friends, join clubs, get a 5 on the AP Exam, or even find a way to have a voice, to be heard. As Hoffman Hawks entered their second week of high school, a mysterious drawing appeared on the school grounds… and no one knows who made it.

At 2:45 p.m. on Monday, August 19th, students took note of an unusual, yet creative chalk-drawing. Multiple students posted pictures of it on their socials, while some took a second to admire the artistic elements of this artwork.

“It was nice and creative” because it was as if it was leading us towards the stairs to the school, said Jessica Webster, senior.

“It’s very artistic, and the eyes look like there’s a story behind them,” added Rama Hammad, junior.

Because students can be in a hurry to board their buses, not everyone took note of the out of place chalk drawing. “It caught my attention, but I didn’t really look at it that much because of the buses,” said Francine Tavera, senior. “However, it was interesting. No one has ever done that on high school property.”

HEHS Assistant Principal Dan Andersen said that the unknown artist will remain confidential but that there have been “consequences for [these] actions.”

The artist’s lack of approval to designate his or her craft on school grounds has been the reason for the consequences, not the drawing itself.

The drawing also inspired many to have varying opinions regarding why the artist would choose to produce the art on school grounds. Is the artist a senior wanting to leave legacy behind a legacy? Is the artist a freshman hoping to bring about some kind of a change?

“The image was beautiful and respectful,” said Jane Bullon, math department. “It would’ve been easier if [the artist] got permission. I believe that it’s not for a bad intent but it’s a beautiful piece.”

Some students said they did not want to step on such beautiful art. “It was in a bad place, I don’t like seeing art being treated like that,” said Amber Dellacqua, senior.

The letters R and J were included near the drawing; perhaps these initials refer to the artist or to the name of the piece. Those whose eyes were drawn to the mysterious art are making inferences, but only one person can truly answer the never-ending questions, and that is the creator alone. For now, the art has served to get people talking, to inspire discussion about creative expression.

“It was very interesting. I wish I knew who did it,” said Tara Corwine, media center staff member. “I personally don’t have a problem with it, but I understand where others are coming from [as far as getting permission first].”

“I do believe it was done tastefully and it sparked a conversation, which I think is awesome,” Corwine continued.