Pamela Ivanova: the girl behind the camera and the senior year video


Jodee Capati, Lead Reporter

We’ve heard rumors of a “senior year video” ever since the beginning of our senior year.  Let’s meet the girl behind the camera, the brain behind the idea: Pamela Ivanova.

Pamela Ivanova is a HEHS senior who is involved in many activities such as Film Club and Operation Snowball. She also plays Lacrosse and serves as a member of the leadership committee for Kenneth Young Center’s Youth Advisory Council. 

With her continuous support and loyalty, she was given the honors to be the Illinois Youth Representative for CADCA National Leadership Conference held in Washington D.C.

To be where she is right now, she had a few inspirations both in and out of school.

“Ones making an extreme positive and lasting impact have to be Frau Brew, Mr. Moersch, Mr. Beers, and Mr. Macnider,” said Ivanova. “I thank them for dedicating themselves to educating future generations.”

In her eyes, it is “the most important job anyone can take on.”

Outside of school, she found inspiration through books of Dalai Lama as it inspired her to seek for the “piece of connection” with people she meets and to “do good” for the world.

When asked about one of her favorite senior year memories, the first that came into her head was one particularly rainy football game.

“Will Lawson and I were on the Blue Crew stand in the pouring rain. The energy from us and Blue Crew was absolutely insane,” Ivanova said. To her, it became a symbol that Hawks make the “best out of any situation.”

From all her connections, memories, and passion for film, it led her to create the idea for a senior year video.

“I hope I can connect each and every Hawk one last time before they walk out the doors to take on the world,” Ivanova said.

As the process continues, she has been patiently collecting videos like reflection videos, baby videos, favorite high school memories, and the classic cap and gown shots. Seniors can expect this video by the end of May.

“The structure of this video will be a mix between a letter to the senior class as well as a montage of all of our incredible memories as Hawks,” said Ivanova.

 When asked to leave a message for the Class of 2020, this is what Ivanova said:

“Never forget your roots. Hoffman has provided each and every single one of us with a very welcoming, strong, and diverse experience. Take the lessons you have learned throughout your four years at HEHS and apply that to every aspect of life,” she said. “By remaining open-minded and accepting, I have a feeling that it will allow each of you to become the best version of yourselves.”

Ivanova will be attending Arizona State with a double major in Global Studies and German, with a possible minor of Environmental Science. She has high hopes to create an organization, focusing on immigrant families outreach.

“I hope to create leadership opportunities for my peers who may identify as first generation students or as the first person in their family to be born in the U.S. like me.”