A positive mindset helps make remote learning manageable

Leidy Bonilla, Staff Writer

Remote learning has become the norm for schools during the pandemic. While there are drawbacks, there also are some benefits that can help contribute to a positive mindset.  

“An advantage to online school is not having to wake up that early and get ready for school,” said Sarai Cano, freshman. Cano added it is helpful to be comfortable while learning.

Students also have the advantage of having family members close by, who can be so helpful when it comes to moving ahead on assignments.

“I like being with family at home, so if I need to ask them a question I can just go up to them,” said Isabella Pacyna, freshman

Being at home may be comforting if your parents are there with you and knowing if you need anything from them, you can just call them or go up to them. 

Zoom is allowing students to be more comfortable during class. “Some people may have social anxiety or may be uncomfortable participating in class,” said Mia Caldera. Caldera said that being at home offers some comfort, which can allow students to even participate more during discussions. 

Having to learn virtually can be challenging, but keeping a positive mindset will make it much easier.