Chemistry on and off the court

Girls golf team’s strong bonds, friendships help players build confidence when competing

Nivedhaa Naresh Kumar, Staff Writer

Sports teams are not only competitive in nature, but their success also can be the result of having bonded and formed trusting friendships. The HEHS girls golf team demonstrates these very qualities, on and off the course.

“The team dynamic is really good,” said Priya Srinivas, junior. “We all get along and are very supportive of each other, no matter what.”

Srinivas adds that her team is judgment-free and allows for a more constructive learning environment, increasing everybody’s confidence on the course.

Diya Patel, Senior, agrees. “I particularly like the team chemistry because no one feels intimidated by one another.”

Being a senior and playing her last varsity season at HEHS, Patel reflects on her team throughout the past couple of years.

“Everyone works on their personal game without bringing each other down. The coaches, Mr. Canace and Coach C, have always been understanding and knowledgeable about the sport,” she said. Srinivas, JV, agrees.

“At times, you may be having an off-day and can’t play as well- but there are always people around to help, and that’s what makes it very welcoming,” she said.

Moving forward, Patel hopes that the team continues to build a program where more girls feel comfortable enough to join the golf team.