2022-2023 Homecoming Honorees prepare for the big dance

Homecoming Recognition Ceremony is tomorrow, Friday, September 23


(Left to right) Maya Schmidt, Jillian Rae Cuartero, Allyza Asuncion, Rylee Johnson, Desiree Loor, Sarah You, DJ Wallace, Ben Jonen, Lucas Mytych, Nate Frank, Ethan Knapp, Dominick Luzwick

Hawkeye View Staff

This Friday, September 23, the Hoffman Estates High School community will gather to witness the 2022-2023 Homecoming Recognition Ceremony, traditionally known as Coronation.

The assembly will recognize the 12 Homecoming Honorees who were introduced at last week’s kickoff assembly. All of the honorees have contributed quite a bit to the HEHS community. Be sure to visit the hallway outside of the auditorium to learn more about these individuals (see pics below).

The two Honorees who receive the most votes from their peers will be awarded the top honors and will be named the 2022 Esteemed Homecoming Honorees.

To learn more about the changes to the traditional Homecoming Court, see Caitlyn Karecki’s story https://hehsnews.com/3967/news/hehs-homecoming-court-to-be-gender-neutral/.