Resilience, teamwork keys to success

Members of the girls bowling team agree that working as a team to face challenges has been essential to this year’s successes.

Paige Schneider, Staff Writer

As their season comes to a close, the Hoffman Estates girl’s bowling team has made tremendous progress, with teamwork being a key factor in their performance throughout the past few months. 

“The teamwork is applaudable and the progress that comes with it is totally worth it,” said Momina Alam, senior. 

The girls are always willing to pick each other up, which has resulted in a great atmosphere. Through hours of practice and determination, the team has not only become closely bonded, but has also formed inseparable relationships along the way. 

“Since last year, the team has grown closer to one another, and we are very supportive of each other,” said Madina Ashurova, Sophomore. 

Bowling has also taught the team how to get through things when they aren’t necessarily going their way. The sport challenges the girls to work hard both physically and mentally, where resilience is essential for soaring high as a team. 

“I’ve learned to be resilient and to never give up because one bad frame doesn’t mean you’re going to have a bad day,” said Ashurova..