HEHS demonstrates diversity through the arts

Daniela Martinez, Staff Writer

Hoffman Estates High School ended the first semester with a showcase of student talents and a celebration diversity. 

The Fine Arts Assembly featured performances from the Symphonic Winds, Jazz band, Orchestra, Madrigals, the Shades of Blue as well as Varsity Hip-Hop. The Varsity Speech and Acting team also led the assembly as they emceed and performed their renditions of selected poems.

 “I loved showing the school what I’m passionate about for the past four years. I also enjoyed being able to perform for my peers and my close friends,” said Paige Zapinski, senior. 

This year, their performance as a group was better than ever before, all classes represented. For most performers, it was their last fine arts assembly, but for many, it was their first. 

Some upperclassmen even had the opportunity to participate in the show for the first time.

“It was the first time I had performed in front of a crowd, standing front and center, shaking uncontrollably with excitement and anxiety,” Kate Nyguen, senior.

Overall, Hoffman Estates High School had one of the best Fine Arts Assembly to date, really demonstrating the diversity they have to offer. 

“The fine arts assembly is just a fun way for performers and artists all around the school to showcase their unique abilities for the school and it’s been a truly a fantastic experience.’’ Giovanna Ramirez, a freshman, added.