Homecoming Court Spotlight: Evelyn Simon


Fenella Cassandra Ibias, Staff Editor

Q: If you could be any TV character who would it be and why?
A: I think I’d be Shego from Kim Possible because she’s a baddie and she’s super cool.

What are your future plans after graduation?
A: Going to trade school and becoming a carpenter or making a clothing brand
Q: What are you most excited for on homecoming night?
A: To bust out some moves, look real good, pop out for everybody, you know. Just look real good…
Q: Why should people vote for you?
A: I would bring so much hype to everybody. I’ll show everybody that we can all have a good time. So, hopefully you guys vote for me because, you know, it’d be pretty sick, and I’ll bring the party up!
Q: What do you want to say to your competitors?
A: Not gonna lie, you guys are cool and all, but I think you guys are gonna have to go down. For this one time, you have to go down.