The cell phone hotels help students stay on task


Cellphone holders like this can be found in a number of classrooms at HEHS.

Alexa Galindo, Staff Writer

At the beginning of the school year, teachers in the English and science departments began to reinforce a new cell phone policy. The main purpose of the policy was to improve student focus and classroom environment, and so far there have been some positive impacts. 

“I feel, as a whole, students appear to be more engaged this year than last year,” said Patrick Swanson, science department.

Prior to this year, many teachers noticed that they need to constantly remind their students to put their phones away, but they shouldn’t have to remind students to do it because this takes away class time from learning.

“I had to interrupt my teaching to address off-task behavior quite often,” said April Conneely, English department.

Teachers only have 94 minutes every other day to teach and if they lose time, they are behind on what they need to cover. However, it has made an impact on many students.

This new cell phone policy serves as a control center to engage focus during class.

It has also helped develop self control habits because students start to turn in their phone without the teacher reminding them.

“I also think that kids are encouraged to follow the policy due to the consequences established if they don’t,” said Conneely. This system guides students to do the right thing before facing consequences. But, it also assists students, who feel more alert during class.

Students have felt that it has helped them stay engaged during class because they don’t have any distractions surrounding them.

“Because of this new cell phone policy, I can get all of my work done efficiently,” said Nivedhaa Naresh Kumar, junior. The absence of her phone has led her to have a more productive work ethic. This is the goal teachers are trying to accomplish in order for students to excel during class.

However, it’s not only student focus that has improved. The cell phone policy has helped improve the classroom environment, as well.

“I think it improves the environment,” said Sarah Cazarez, junior. By establishing orderly and concise rules, it uplifts performance.

Even though the school year has just begun, teachers have noticed many improvements. “I’m quite pleased with the improvement in academics and engagement,” Swanson said.