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Color guard celebrates expression, hard work


Color guard is a way to express yourself not only through hard work but community.

“It’s the dedication and the passion and creativity, but I just think it’s a beautiful thing because not only does it allow you to practice things like dance and life skills like leadership, but creativity and really find out who you are,” said Hollee Czajka, head coach of the HEHS Color Guard Team.

Color guard isn’t what everyone thinks it is. It’s more than that. It allows yourself to express yourself in multiple ways. Color guard opens up opportunities and possibilities for creativity and expression. 

“I did cheer my whole life and once I learned the creativity and the expression that flags allow into something that is like a sport,” said Czajka. “It combines dance, it combines equipment, and I think it’s a whole new world of possibilities.”  

Nida Sultana, junior, elaborates further on the idea that color guard allows you to be yourself.

“I would say it’s like a judgment free zone, especially for a performing sport where the whole scoring is based on how someone perceives you and it’s not like a ranking scale. I feel like it’s the less judged sport there is,” said Sultana. 

With this being said, it’s as if color guard has created their own judgment free and inclusive community. 

“When I joined, we were by far the most diverse team. I’ve never felt like I was apart of things…color guard made so many exception for peoples’ beliefs and when I wouldn’t be able to wear certain things, they would make exceptions for me. It was very accepting,” explained Sultana. 





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