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Crochet club offers students a creative outlet

Madison Davis
Allister Motto performs a demonstration of the proper crocheting technique during a recent meeting.

Crochet club at Hoffman Estates High School has opened up, allowing students to learn and share their creative projects.

A club is a great way to learn at a pace that works for new crochet artists. Anya Allen, a freshman, said “this was my chance to learn slowly.” She started to learn from her mom but couldn’t grasp on how to do it. She said her mom went too fast “unable to physically slow down” to show her how to make a chain.

Another student Abigail Leger said the Crochet Club has been great “personal me time to sit down and crochet.” She also said at home her sister always bothers her, so it was nice to have a spot to have some “me time.”

The sponsor of the club, Barry Jeong, science department, was super excited for the club. “I was secretly hoping all these years to start a club like this,” he said. His love for crocheting started two years ago when he wanted to make a gift for a friend who was expecting her first child.

One thing a lot of students at the club said was difficult was keeping the rows even, said Leger. “I’m kind of a perfectionist so being consistent was one of the things I struggled with.” Quinne Patrick, agreed. “Trying to make all the things even and not twisting my chain [can be difficult].”

Students at Crochet Club had very similar experiences when hearing about crocheting. Most students have a family member who crochets themselves. Both Leger and Patrick said they learned from their mothers. Leger said, “I never really stuck with it per say until recently like two summers ago.” Patrick added, “ My mommy taught me a long time ago.”

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