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Hi, my name is Kuba, and I am a staff editor for the Hawkeye View! I’m a speech captain for our speech team, a member of the Hoffman Volleyball team, and an avid smoothie maker (yes I am passionate about...

Students, staff reflect on favorite high school-inspired movies

Image courtesy of Pixabay.com

When one thinks of heading back to school, usually they’d prefer to envision the more fun aspects: hanging out with friends, attending sporting events, and participating in clubs. However, when practical things like homework or sports seem to get too much, sometimes we all wish we could have our lives as easy or entertaining as something out of a film. After all, the movies are one of the best methods of depicting real life as something magically entertaining. This year, our theme of Back to School perfectly encapsulates the energy of living out our exciting movie moments as we celebrate Hoffman’s 50th anniversary together! 

Here are some of our Hawks’ favorite high school flicks: 

Lulu Campos, Junior 


I really like the outfits in it and the characters. Their personalities are very funny. A cult classic, honestly; I could watch it forever! 

Riley Foszcz, Senior 

10 Things I Hate About You

I love it more than Karla. I loved it because it was something I watched when I was younger and it made me realize “if he wanted to he would”. 

Karla Castillo, Senior

10 things I Hate About You

I loved the character development between two polar opposites and how they taught each other to love.

Ms. Nustra  

Napoleon Dynamite 

I like how painfully awkward it is and ambiguous in its time. It seems like it’s from the 80’s even though it’s not. 

Natasha Shadman, Senior 

Mean Girls 

I love how funny and satirical the movie is, and it also inspired the “On Wednesdays we wear pink” spirit day for breast cancer awareness in October! 

Mr. Michie 

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

I know EVERY word to that movie. Also, it takes place in Chicago. 

Kylie LeGrand, Sophomore 

School of Rock 

I just think it’s really funny; Jack Black is a great actor. 

Ray Quiroz-Perez, Junior 

The School of Good and Evil 

I like how it is directed by the author [of the original book], so it’s gonna be very “stuck on” the story and very accurate. The characters are accurate to the original plot. 

Mr. HC 

The Breakfast Club 

I liked that movie because it represents different groups people are in and that different types of people can be friends with each other. 

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My name is Charlotte Castelan, and I’m proud to be part of the Hawkeye View staff! I’m happy to say I’ve been a part of this club for all my four years at HEHS and hope to harness all the journalistic skills I’ve amassed in the future. I’m also a part of our school’s National Honor Society chapter and Picasso Club; artworks ranging from paintings to articles are my passion. In addition to participating in clubs during my free time, I’m an avid movie watcher and music nerd who is obsessed with anything from the Beatles to Dua Lipa. As cheesy as it sounds, I’m appreciative of my family, friends, boyfriend, and super cute cat.