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HEHS Cheer Team keeps sights on tackling any competition they face


Our HEHS cheerleaders have come a long way since the beginning of their season.  Now, they are working harder than ever, getting ready to go into their state competition. 

Going into their state competition the cheerleaders will be challenged mentally and physically as they get ready to face tougher competition with higher stakes. Through their sectional competition the cheerleaders have the opportunity to go to the state competition, and they have made it to state every year since 2020, so the cheerleaders had to work hard to keep their record going.

“ There is additional pressure added to the team to advance to the State series to maintain a high reputation of our program and to continue our success year-to-year,”  said Francesca Cudney, coach.

The HEHS cheerleaders have really been upping their game, because the intensity of the competitions have increased. From the fall season to the spring season the cheerleaders have gone from performing in front of a crowd that doesn’t recognize proper technique to performing in front of judges.

“To have a successful season, the productivity at practice must increase. In the fall, we focus on our game-day skills and crowd-appealing stunts, but when we move to the competitive season, we have set stunts and tumbling skills that we execute to ensure we can complete the skills without receiving deductions,” said Cudney.

Taking into account how many new cheerleaders that have joined the team, the hard work that they have done so far reflects the amount of growth the team has made as incredibly impressive. 

“…our program is made up of predominantly lower-classmen, so the amount of confidence displayed by our younger athletes has grown tremendously with each competition they experience. They are learning to trust one another on the mat, and are finally starting to have fun with the routine,” said Cudney.

The cheerleaders are ready and excited to see how the season will end, because as the competition gets tougher so do the cheerleaders. They are ready to showcase the tough routines that all of the teams have put their everything into. 


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