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Fashion choice

Students choose outfits based on comfort, personal style
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Everyone at Hoffman dresses differently and all for different reasons, but what is really important at HEHS is that everyone is comfortable.

“My dress code in past years was not strict at all. So I have been able to wear what I feel comfortable in for most of my time in school,” said Victoria Rivera, freshman.

Our school dress code over the years has changed to allow more freedom for students to express themselves. With this dress code students are able to feel more welcomed and safe. It is not just the school that makes dressing however you want easy. Your peers make a big difference as well. Knowing that your peers will not judge you for what you wear is very important. 

“I think for school, dress how you want, nobody really cares,” said Jaini Shah, sophomore.

Finding the confidence to dress for yourself can be difficult. But knowing that no one cares about if your outfit has “too many stripes”, or the “colors don’t match”. It can really open up doors to try new things when it comes to personal style.

A great place to start if anyone is ever nervous about trying new styles is to wear something at a place where no one recognizes you. A great place for this is any public place, such as the mall. Wearing a new top that is out of your comfort zone can be very nerve racking. But in theory who is paying attention to anyone but themselves and their friends? So in the end it can be a test run to see if you’re comfortable in that new top, and want to wear it in school.

“I feel more comfortable wearing whatever I want when I’m outside of school since I’m never going to see them again,” said Iasmina Kokieva, sophomore.

A common occurrence at Hoffman is seeing everyone in pajamas or more comfy attire, which totally makes sense. I mean who wouldn’t want to be the most comfortable when sitting down for seven hours straight. This is another great thing about our school is the allowance of wearing “less professional clothes”. 

“My priorities for dressing are for sure comfort for school,” said Alex Choi, sophomore.


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Hi, my name is Madison Davis. I am a sophomore at HEHS. I’m a member of the Hawkeye View, and I'm also involved in the Photography Club. I enjoy spending quality time with friends and my family. Something I am very passionate about is reading. My favorite book is The Giver by Lois Lowry. Once high school is over I would like to study to eventually become an optometrist.