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HEHS Swim Team overcomes obstacles, enjoys hard-working season

The HEHS Swimming and Diving Team has been around for a long time, and likewise, has a long path of success in front of them, but this path doesn’t come without obstacles.

First, we need to take a look at what the Swim Team has done so far.

“We swam until our arms were like spaghetti,” said Fatih Ozmen, freshman. And they have been. According to Maxwell Erdenbat, another swimmer on the freshman team, “We’ve had practices Monday-Thursday, with meets on Friday, and another practice on Saturdays.”

Any athlete knows that it’s not just about training and practicing. Doing it consistently also makes a huge difference in skill. Some people might not have to practice as much as others do. But if you put in enough work, you’ll see results. Ozmen remarked that, “Training consistently and swimming nearly everyday has made me into the great swimmer I am right now.”

Once you’ve gotten past the basics, refinement is needed. And according to Leonardo Ba, that is exactly what they are doing. “We’ve been working on our weaknesses and tweaking our form to remove small mistakes that are hard to notice. We’ve been working very hard, and I am very confident that our team will perform outstandingly.”

Jibran Khan, a sophomore swimmer also added that, “We are focusing more on technique and refining the basics, and preparing for the upcoming meets that we are hoping to place highly in again.”

The pool is a place where all swimmers are able to showcase all of their hard work throughout this season. We can’t see into the future, but as we eagerly await the upcoming competitions. We know one thing is certain: the swim team will make waves.


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