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Stressed out

Learning how to manage stress is key to overcoming it
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Everyone deals with stress, and a breeding ground for it can be a school environment. Having a rotation of assignments and tests can be heavy for students of all levels. However, knowing that we are not alone and that there are ways to cope can help us manage the stress.  

“And so focusing on things like, what you’re good at, what we can help you with, what we can improve on, and sometimes just talking about it and getting it off your chest is more helpful than you know,“ said Becky Bergstrom, student services. 

Considering the impact that school has on students and management alike, it’s significant to take into account what students are feeling and how it can be supported by the HEHS school community. It can be overwhelming to balance expectations while also keeping mental health in check. And while this can be excused as pressures of academics and having increased responsibilities, even freshmen are feeling the heat. 

“A few stressors I have surround homework, and preparation for things like tests, then you know, the normal social stuff, like how people perceive me. And of course, friend drama,” said Maja Ziobro, freshman.

The older people get, the more is expected of them.  

“I think that there’s a huge difference, like freshman year was much more easygoing and in comparison, sophomore year has more strict requirements and takes up a lot more time and energy,” said Destiny Silva, sophomore. “But I can definitely say that I feel more challenged and familiar with the expectations.”

And while stress varies from student to student, it affects our overall school culture. No one wants to be overly burnt out, just like no one wants to be in an overly stressed environment.

“Being a junior has been the most stressful year so far, and it is very consuming, but there are ways to cope,” said Maddy Bell, junior. “There are good methods to overcome that, immersing yourself into a hobby can definitely help.” 

It is important to realize that stress can impact people negatively in the long run, so it is helpful to find a way to manage it.

Managing things in a healthy way, will make you feel emotionally better and not as burned out. Having this in mind, I encourage everyone to remember to make sure you keep your cup full,” said Bergstrom.


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