The Madrigals perform at Stronghold Castle


Julia Wozniak, Staff Writer

The Madrigals, a renaissance-themed singing group that sings acapella to represent music from the 1400s, recently had the opportunity to perform at the Stronghold castle grounds for a Renaissance fair.

“We performed 16 times over the span of two days, which was… tiring, but when we were not performing we could explore the fair,” said Emilia Wozniak, sophomore.

The students left on Friday and returned to the school Sunday night. They spent the weekend performing, but in their free time they grew closer as a group.

 “We were all kind of close before the weekend but the weekend brought us closer together,” said Grifen Davis, senior. 

The scenery, which members of the troupe described as beautiful, was a perfect backdrop for the performances. The Madrigals mainly performed in the courtyard surrounded by the walls of the castle with the audience in front and the trees behind them. 

But, the Madrigals don’t just offer singing opportunities. As a student at Hoffman, you can also play the recorder or even take on an acting role during performances. This year, there were four recorders and two actresses. They weren’t on stage as much as the singers but were still able to take part in events to showcase their talents.

“As a recorder, we didn’t have to be on stage the whole time, but we waited offstage to go on at our time,” Wozniak said.