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Earbuds and education

Students, teachers have mixed opinions about when listening to music aids or interfere with learning
Picture courtesy of Pixabay.com

Music has always been a source of entertainment and attention grabbing for many people, especially students. It’s motivational and helpful at times, but has its impact ever been considered on students in school? Do our brains really benefit from the added noise?  

According to the Harvard Business Review, “When you’re comfortable doing something, because you are skilled, experienced, and are more or less in autopilot mode, background music is more likely to help you achieve greater focus.” While this might vary from person to person, it makes sense that listening to music in a busy atmosphere like school can be beneficial.  

Music at school can be helpful to some but definitely has its time and its place. “When I’m doing my work usually, not when teachers are talking I feel disrespectful doing that. On my own, though, I think it helps me concentrate,” said Kuba Scigalski, sophomore. 

Teachers, while not the ones listening to music throughout the school day, still have opinions on students doing so. Music is regarded as an art form and fittingly enough, Britney Thomas, Art Department, has interesting thoughts regarding the topic. 

“I fully encourage listening to music,” said Thomas. “I think it helps when working with your hands. It adds ambience when sitting silent in your head and it can help you work.” 

There are other times in school when wearing earbuds is discouraged. 

“It is a concern [because] we can’t see the headphones. Sometimes they are not easily seen; they might be hidden or just covered by hair,” said Mme. Carey, French teacher. “However, sometimes things aren’t being listened to or paid attention to and at times like those is when music becomes something teachers pay attention to.” 

Keeping in mind all the different perspectives, a much more fun question arises: What are Hoffman students currently listening to? 

“I really only listen [to music] when studying; it helps me a significant amount when focusing,” said Nadia Badal, sophomore. “At school I tend to listen to Drake, SZA, and Travis Scott because of the melodies of R&B that compliment each other well and motivate me to finish my work.”

“I like to listen to a lot of light music like Beabadoobee, Mac Demarco, and keshi.  Their music is good because it’s not crazy and distracting and I think it helps me focus better,” said Mallory Kolodij, sophomore.

“I’m really into rap and R&B, stuff like the Weeknd and J. Cole, Chase Atlantic, and Playboy Carti,” said Sireen Zaiter, freshman. “More fast-paced music keeps me focused, and I am more productive.” 

In the harmonious symphony of student life, the debate over listening to music in school echoes with diverse tunes and rhythms. From those advocating for enhanced focus with students’ favorite study playlists to those who thrive in a serene study environment, the variety of opinions is no doubt an interesting one, that requires a balance that doesn’t interfere with education. 

As the school embraces a myriad of musical tastes, from the rhythmic verses of rap to the soulful tones of R&B, one thing is clear: the soundtrack of our educational journey is as varied and dynamic as the minds that shape it. Whether students are listening to Drake’s latest hits or seeking solace in the silence of textbooks, individuality of students is something to embrace. 

Remaining respectful and mindful of listening habits is key for efficient learning. After all, in the grand composition of education, every note, even if diverse, contributes to the melody of learning for students and teachers alike. 


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