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Bonding over bracelets

NHS reaches out globally to make an impact on a Zimbabwean student’s life

Separated by thousands of miles, this scene unfolded: both the Zimbabwean students and the National Honor Society officers peered through a small screen. From each side, the screens contained big smiles, laughter, and the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ of curiosity and discovery. 

“It was honestly an experience that we’ll never forget,” said Tej Shah, NHS officer. 

Previously, Nithya Mehesh, the president of NHS, had come up with an idea that helps NHS not just reach out to the community but also globally: to team up with an organization that provides Yuda Bands, bracelets made by Guatemalan artists with leather and coconut shells. The goal is to sell these in order to provide jobs and scholarships for people in less developed countries. 

Due to the NHS having almost 200 members, the NHS officers “decided that a vote was the most appropriate way to engage all members and hear their voice,” said Devanshu Pandya, NHS officer. They ended up deciding on giving the money to Talent Bhuseta, a 16-year-old girl living in Zimbabwe. 

Bhuseta lives with her seven siblings and two parents, however, “as both of her parents are unemployed, it is very difficult for Talent’s family to help cover her tuition and supplies,” said Kush Patel, NHS officer. 

By reaching out to a less developed country, NHS was able to help Bhuseta take a step in reaching her dreams. In Zimbabwe, kids don’t get the same opportunities that people in highly developed countries get, which is why the $1,460 that was raised is so important. 

“She aspires to become a lawyer in her future, and her current favorite hobby is to read novels!” said Kush Patel, NHS officer. 

Hope is what connects students. Whether it’s them wanting to do a job they are passionate about, making money so they can live comfortably, or wanting to make a change in the world. 

No matter if someone comes from an underdeveloped country, a middle class community, or a well-off area, goals are what unites us. Everybody is pining for something in the world and by helping someone get a better education, it gives them a greater opportunity to chase those. 

“What was similar was the smile of a child. That part was the same, you could tell [Talent] was a sweet kid,” said Mr. Meador, NHS sponsor. 





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