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A random kindness from a stranger can change one’s day


Going to school is required of all American teenagers and is no easy task, but how can it be made more enjoyable? Even though students go through many obstacles due to school, the interactions they have inside the building can significantly impact their outlook. A simple compliment can make someone’s entire day, while a dirty look can totally ruin it. One interaction holds a lot of significance for teenagers, who are especially perceptive and constantly growing.

“Yes, I have been ignored in the hallways; honestly, when that happened, I was mostly shocked, and it’s okay if I don’t know them that well. But say, if we were like good friends, then I’m going to be a little hurt,” says Madison Davis, a sophomore.

No one feels good going unnoticed after making an effort towards someone they know. Remembering that most people are probably in a hurry or distracted by numerous things helps deal with that feeling of rejection. Of course, it feels embarrassing for it to look as if a friend ignored you in public, and it’s valid to feel wounded since it may seem like the friendship itself is being damaged. That is why having nice interactions is so important to balance and outweigh the unpleasant ones!

When asked for a sweet gesture in school, Anbreal Johnson, a sophomore, shares, “One time a stranger comforted me when I was crying; it felt nice.”

The times when a stranger goes out of their way to do a nice thing really stick out to people and have an especially positive impact on their time in school. Someone who holds no obligation to be especially sweet to someone they don’t know but still chooses to do so proves their immense kindness to the other person. It is these kinds of interactions, along with regularly nice ones from relationships, that shape the worldviews of people.

“During the passing period, people tend to be happy since they meet up with friends. It can be pretty loud and chaotic with everyone all laughing and talking so loud, but it generally has good vibes from everyone,” says Inaaya Jalal, sophomore.

Other students agree that passing periods are perfect to see friends and share seven minutes of bliss with. Many people admit that the only reason they enjoy going to school is because of their friends. Relationships are a powerful motivator for students to go to school and greatly improve their mood. 

School isn’t easy for anyone, but little sweet moments can make it a great deal better. Staying open to new friendships and interactions may be all it takes to make that first step into the building easier.

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Hi, my name is Iasmina, and I’m a sophomore at HEHS. On top of writing for Hawkeye View, I am a member of the Speech, Math, and Tennis teams, as well as Book Club. I love cats, reading, nature, and watching movies with my loved ones. I am adamant about self growth, and I look forward to traveling the globe as I get older.