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Speech Team helps promote HEHS fine arts

The annual Fine Arts Assembly showcases artistic expression

On Tuesday November 21, Hoffman Estates High School hosted its annual Fine Arts Assembly. Hoffman’s very own speech team was selected as the masters of ceremony. 

“Speaking is an art; it is truly a skill,” said Naz Ahmed, Speech Team Head Coach. “Being masters of ceremony is an empowering opportunity to introduce all the fine arts our school has to offer.”

Hoffman showcased a diverse array of fine arts spanning, but not limited to, the following: Orchestra, both classical and jazz Band, Dancing, Acting, Video-making, 3D Modeling, and much more.

“The fine arts assembly really does allow for students to showcase their talents,” said Maddy Bell, Homecoming Coronation Host.

The speech team has shown that great art needs great representation, “[the speech team] is representing not only the art, but the artists themselves,” said Madi Schowe, Speech Team Captain. “Allowing the speech team to put in the work to announce [the artists] allows for the proper respect to be given to the artists.”

The speech team also benefits from being involved in the assembly. “This assembly really does allow for the Speech Team to be broadcasted to the whole school” said Sherry Alao, Speech Team captain.

While there are membership benefits for the Speech Team hosting the assembly, there are more simple benefits. “Honestly, I’m just really excited to be able to represent our fine arts programs,” said Alao.

The assembly allowed for students to understand what fine art truly is. “After seeing the assembly, and seeing the speech team describe each art passion, I truly understood not only what fine art is, but the true significance of fine art,” said Tiffany Burghelea, sophomore.

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