New Club: Health Occupations Students of America is ready to compete

HOSA is a club that is similar to BPA (Business Professionals of America) except for the fact that students will compete in health care industry-related events.

Mihir Patel, Staff Writer


The Health Occupations Students of America Club had its first meeting on Wednesday, August 31, and it was nothing short of a success. So many students with a passion to go into the health care industry attended, to the point where a lot of them were forced to stand outside the classroom because of space issues.

HOSA is a competitive club where students have the option to compete in a variety of events at a regional, state, and national level if qualified. These events include taking tests to get certified, presenting on a specific topic, making videos, hands-on-skills, and lots more. This club, similar to Business Professionals of America (BPA) provides students the unique opportunity to compete in events related to the health care industry.

The advantage of joining HOSA is the fact that students get to travel around the country is they qualify in their events. This is such an amazing opportunity for students to expand their social network with professionals from the health care industry and also make new friends with people that have similar interests to them all over the country. Students also have the chance to win many scholarships while competing. The skills obtained through being a member of this club can help people get internships while in high school, something that hospitals and clinics don’t hand out so often.  HOSA also looks great on a college application.

This club can also be of interest to those students that are not interested in going into the medical field. The health care industry wouldn’t be how it is today without the help of people from the other fields of study. For example, doctors rely on the technology that engineers and people that are in the computer sciences field to provide them with the technology they use to perform surgeries, send out prescriptions etc. People with the media skills are needed to record videos and then enhance them. Specifically with HOSA, people with great acting and speaking skills are needed to act out in videos and then present in presentations.