The best game of the year

The first football game of the season can be the most memorable for players and spectators

Aman Malik, Staff Writer

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Hoffman Estates High School makes the first football game feel like the last, especially when the students are involved in making this a huge event and building up the excitement.

When students are preparing for the first football game, they are seen in a different state. They are a lot more energized and hyped than you would usually see them in school. People usually start going to the games as early as their freshman year.

“Our team, people I see in the hallways, scoring touchdowns and beating other teams: I love when everyone is cheering when we score,” said senior Brendan Thompson.

The students aren’t the only ones getting hyped up. The players do as well. Adam Burks, varsity football player, knows the players on the field love hearing from the crowd.

“The audience gives a good vibe and feeling to all the players on the field,” said Burks. “The people gives players energy when they need it most.”

Although going to football games isn’t for everyone, it is a great experience to have. James Allen, Blue Crew member, knows what the games are like and will always tell you to go and have a good time.

“It is a good feeling being a part of the fan section, nothing you have ever felt before,” said Allen. “As a leader, I get to the game 1 hour early to get everything ready for the fans.”

Blue Crew is a group of students who are involved in school activities and sports. They help out around school, and some of the leaders even hype up the fan section at the games.

The people that don’t go haven’t realized the games are one of the most fun experiences of high school. The fans don’t only get to watch their classmates play, but they get to create memories with everyone around them.

“Everything that happens at the games aren’t one time things,” said Thompson. “The memories made will stick with us for a lifetime.”

When there is a packed crowd, it is better not only for the fan section, but for all the players on the field. “The games would be dead and everyone would not be able to get hyped up if there was no audience,” said Burks.

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