Open Mic offers students creative outlet

Tina Muhamedagic, Staff Writer

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All young talents need an outlet, a place where they can express themselves. This is Hoffman’s very own, Open Mic.

“Open Mic was one of those things that didn’t have answers, it was an outlet for them, and people supported you without judgment,” said Yodael Girmay, senior.

It started when Kevin Hernandez, a former student, who went to Chance the Rappers’ open mic and decided to start one at the school. He asked his Art Department teacher, at the time, for some help and he was all in. The current sponsor for the club is Britney Thomas.

Out of the 31 students with talent, there were two seniors that stood out. Girmay and Flabio Doci have participated since the beginning. Girmay expresses his talent through his rap. Doci expresses his talent through his poetry.

Girmay’s experience with Open Mic was a success. Open Mic was a place for him to break his shell. It was a place where he could get out of his comfort zone without discrimination. “You come as you are,” said Girmay.

“My thing was rapping. In my raps my message to everyone is that you don’t want to mess with the ones you encounter. Live with no regrets,” said Girmay.

Doci had a similar yet different experience with Open Mic. He joined with the intention of sharing his poetry. Open Mic fascinated him. He was able to tell a story, spread a message.

“It’s a creative outlet to express what you’re feeling and let it out. Sort of an escape, y’know?” said Doci.

In Doci’s poetry, his message varied. “Sometimes I speak on hope, sometimes on struggles, sometimes I go political. But my main goal with my poetry is to glorify the God who’s created me and to spread the message of the gospel,” he said.

Not only was Open Mic an outlet but they also freely expressed themselves at the Variety Show. “I feel like the V-show was a huge platform to perform my poetry in front of tons of people and impact them with what I was saying with my words,” said Doci.

“V-show was a little nerve wreaking. You’re no longer in a safe environment. Yet, it’s freeing to know that you completely open your shell on stage in front of new people with opinions,” said Girmay.

Thomas said she was offered a job at HEHS and being the sponsor was a part of it. She had past experience with stand-up comedy so it was relatively comfortable for her. “It was an awesome turn out. Over 31 people were involved so we had to switch rooms because there were so many of them,” she said. They plan on expanding the club and making a possible performance for it. Big things are coming in the near future for Open Mic!

So, if there’s anything you take away from this, it’s that Open Mic is a facility where you can be who you are and express what you feel with the knowledge that people are there to listen and there to support you. “People I wouldn’t dream about talking to, I talk to all the time,” said Girmay.


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Open Mic offers students creative outlet