Reflections of a successful season

Sarah Hazenfield sat down with three volleyball players, Danny Vasquez, Jonny Pitchan (captain), and David Butler (captain), to get their insight on how they feel the season went.

Sarah Hazenfield, Staff Writer

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The freshman boys volleyball team had a very successful season. Their record was 4 wins, 6 losses for conference, and they scored third place in two of their tournaments. The boys had a lot of positive energy and a hard-working attitude. 

Q: Why did you choose to join volleyball?

Vasquez: It seemed like it would be fun. Coach Ahn told me about it, so I joined.

Pitchan: I have been playing volleyball since a young age, and  I wanted to keep pursuing a sport I love.

Butler: I can jump really high, I liked playing it last year, and my friends at Hoffman and other schools play.

Q: What do you like about this team?

Vasquez: I was always laughing.

Pitchan: I like our hard work and the major improvements since the beginning [of the season] in terms of skill and chemistry.

Butler: I like that we all want to improve.

Q: What was your favorite part of the season or a favorite moment?

Vasquez: When I tricked Schaumburg and won us the set

Pitchan: When we lost to Fremd in the first set by over ten points and completely took over the second and third set to beat them

Butler: Running a quick attack against Palatine

Q: What was your greatest accomplishment, either personally or as a team?

Vasquez: The fact that I tried something and bonding as a team

Pitchan: My greatest personal accomplishment this year is becoming co-captain with David Butler, and as a team our greatest accomplishment is never giving up.

Butler: My greatest personal achievement was playing all-around for 5 games in a tournament, and our greatest achievement as a team was our 4 and 5 record.

Q: What goals do you have for next year?

Vasquez: Make it to JV and learn more

Pitchan: To be a starter as an outside hitter or libero on the JV team

Butler: To make JV or Varsity as a middle or outside


Q: What would you like to say to future boys wanting to play?

Vasquez: It’s not too late… you can still back out.

Pitchan: Side-out.

Butler: Try hard but don’t get injured.


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Reflections of a successful season