Detective Allen leaves lasting impression on HEHS students, staff

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Detective Allen leaves lasting impression on HEHS students, staff

Jodee Capati, Staff Writer

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Officer Allen ended her three-year contract with HEHS on January 18. During Allen’s time at HEHS, she formed multiple relationships with the students, staff, and parents.

“[My boss] told me I’d be a good fit here,” Allen said. “I built a lot of close relationships because of my personality and how I think.”

When working with students, Allen was able to provide emotional support in addition to academic and social support. This helped her to relate to many students.

“She was a good officer, and she was very close to all of the kids. If you needed something from her, she would give you good advice,” said Kalicia Simms, a junior who was close with Allen.

In the span of three years, Allen gained immeasurable experiences in return for keeping the school safe. She gained perspective and accomplishments.

“I may have a kid that has gotten into trouble, and [I] watch[ed] that kid change, improve, learn from his/her mistakes, and become a better student in this school,”Allen said. “I’m most proud of seeing how you guys come from being immature freshmen to these adult mature seniors ready for the world.”

Allen’s efforts in keeping the school safe and secure did not go unnoticed from students and staff.

“[She has] done an amazing job of keeping our school safe and forming relationships with students, staff, and parents. We’re certainly going to miss her and we’re grateful for her service,” Principal Josh Schumacher said.

When asked what Allen will miss the most, she said having the opportunity to spend time communicating with a variety of people and offering assistance as well.

“You can actually see and witness the impact you may have in your relationship and connections with students,” said Allen.

Going back to patrolling streets, making calls, and doing traffic stops, Allen plans to retire after her child has graduated high school.

As for what else the future might hold for Detective Allen, Allen keeps an open mind. “Who knows what the future holds? I might start a new journey.”