Hoffman Hawks show off at Fine Arts Assembly

Graciela Ruiz, Staff Writer

The Fine Arts Assembly is just one of the many assemblies that Hoffman Estates High School holds throughout the year, but it holds a particularly special role; the assembly allows students to see all the talent their school has to offer and allows them to see the results of the hard work of their peers.

“I [received] a lot of positive feedback, whether it was people saying ‘That brightened up my day’ or ‘Thank you,” said Jerry Lowry, band director. “I didn’t know we had so many talented kids in this building.”

However, it is not only special for the viewers. The performers and artists also hold the assembly in high regards.

Gabrielle Pelayo, junior viola player, values the opportunity to perform for her school.

“It’s a really great opportunity for us. It also allows the school to see and appreciate music and art and want to get involved in it themselves. I think it’s especially good for the freshmen,” sad Pelayo.

Inspiring others to be involved in these creative activities is an important part of the Fine Arts Assembly. It is also a time to demonstrate what a group has accomplished. Sophomore Adele Shirkey, a members of the forensics team, appreciates the assembly.

“We see each other nearly every day of every week, so we know how these speeches sound, but seeing them speaking in front of the audience gives you an amazing sense of accomplishment,” said Shirkey.

Most of all, the Fine Arts Assembly was about unity. Whether you were in the bleachers or on the gym floor, everyone was united by a beautiful display of art.