Boys’ lacrosse team sets sights on teamwork

Blake Aguilar Guerrero, Staff Writer

It is almost impossible not to notice the Boys Lacrosse team wherever they go: an impressive army of neon orange clad players can be heard laughing together and discussing their strategy for the next upcoming games.

No matter how many years each individual boy has dedicated to Lacrosse, the individuals are driven to function as a team. They laugh together, practice together, and play as if they were a single being. From the very start of this Boys Lacrosse season, many players viewed the future of the team with an optimistic perspective.

“This is more than a sport, not only does it push you as a player it pushes you as a person,” said Martin Cresson, freshman.

Lacrosse means more to these student athletes than just a game. The team has opened up the opportunity for different students to find new friends and a reason to keep working hard in school.

Senior Dillon Joo is still enjoying the thrill of the sport despite the fact that this season will be his last in HEHS. Joo said being able to spend time with his fellow teammates has been the most memorable part of the season.

Although a few players will be graduating soon and leaving the team, the memories that they created along the way will still remain intact as a symbol of their dedication to the spirit of the team. As bittersweet as it may seem, with the departure of some of the older players comes an opportunity for new members to represent the school next year.