Students belt out their feelings, opinions

Music can help students find themselves as individuals.

Nayelli Toro, Staff Writer

A young girl sits in the back of the room with a disinterested look planted on her face. Teenagers roam the room, dancing, singing, and just having the time of their lives. Songs she isn’t familiar with are blasting through the black speakers across the room. I don’t fit in, she thinks to herself, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves here but this isn’t the type of person I am.

After a few minutes she plugs in her earbuds and leans back into the uncomfortable, beige couch, slowing dozing off into her own world as she plays her favorite playlist. If only someone could hear what she’s listening to and understand what she’s feeling.

Music has been around for ages now and many people throughout the world use it as a way to express themselves, their feelings, and/or opinions. This is a common thing in Hoffman Estates High School, students now use music to help them throughout school.

Sophomore Martyna Kalinoswka has a strong passion for singing. It is something she enjoys doing in her free time. When she was younger she was introduced to a great artist that made an big impact on her life and she was in a way, inspired to do something similar.

“I joined choir to show people that I’m not just a ‘dumb blonde’ that has no talent. I wanted to show them that I am somebody,” said Kalinowska.

There are many clubs and classes in school related to music, such as Choir. Kalinowska is a great example to show students that music can be a way for someone to express their opinion which can be physically hard to say.

As showed, music has a positive impact on the students but it could also have a negative impact. Sometimes it could sidetrack them from doing school work or they could miss important instructions.

“Unfortunately, I feel it can be a distraction if listened to during class,” said Laura Book, a Culinary teacher.

Book goes on about music having a positive impact on students but when listened to in inappropriate places it could affect the teachers and students negatively. It all depends where and when is the right place to listen to music.

Everyone has their own styles or type of music, and they all differ from each other. Someone’s taste in music can describe their current mood or emotions. For example, at parties people listen to loud and happy music to keep the energetic vibe throughout the event. On the other hand, a sad event may include smooth and quiet music.

“When I’m feeling a bit down I listen to sad music because I feel like I can relate to the lyrics,” said Kyungae PreVost, a sophomore.

PreVost talks about how a song can help someone through a rough time especially the students because of the age they are at now. At this age, kids have struggles that many others don’t understand so they use this as a way to leave reality and enter their own world.

Another way students use music is to influence each other and others in their community. A lot of kids make their own music or are inspired by other songs.

“I make my own music but I keep it to myself unlike other people in my school that publish their music on big platforms,” said Jailine Toro, a freshman.

Many students post their own music on well-known platforms and it spreads throughout the school which can inspire and give more confidence to others that keep it to themselves.