TikTok entertains but also offers creative expression

Rylee Johnson, Staff Writer

TikTok is taking over. But is it here to stay?

Fans of social media who spend more than 60 minutes on their phone every day have no doubt heard of TikTok, formerly known as Musical.ly, which was launched in 2017.

The update not only gained new followers fast due to a completely new layout, but also there is a completely new audience.

“I like that there’s a variety of videos. There’s something there for everyone,” said Jasmeet Kaur, freshman.

On the recommended page, it’s not hard to find comments like “vine energy”. TikTok has been compared to Vine redundantly. The best part of Vine was its hilarious six-second content. However, fans began to hold their favorite creators to impossible standards and wanted a new joke every day, every hour. Vine was shut down in 2015 and while some thought they shouldn’t have taken down the app others know it was bound to fail.

What makes TikTok any different?

“It’s fun to learn dances and do them with friends,” said Bilal Junaid, sophomore. Over the summer, has become an app for everyone. Teachers, students, and even parents find ways to enjoy it.

People do not only enjoy this app because they can learn dances; they have an opportunity to become creators.

“You can create your own content and express yourself. Plus, it’s a fast way to get famous,” said Fenella Ibias, freshman.

On TikTok anyone can do anything. Anyone can be anything. You can use other people’s sounds and join trends or make your own sounds and make people laugh. This app is addictive, entertaining and rated E for everyone. Whether you like it or not, TikTok is here to stay.