The fans bring the spirit

Football season is under way and the team is off to a great start thanks both to its hard work and HEHS students’ support.



Kyung-Ae Prevost and Nayelli Toro

Vibrant colors filled the stands, while cheers and chants flood the ears of the supporters and opponents. The blinding lights coming from each corner illuminate the night. It was as if everyone could hear the nervous drumming of the football players’ hearts. The energy of the crowd made an impact throughout the game. 

“Well, we always come into a game knowing we will win,” said Trayce Rivera, a junior who is on the Varsity football team.

After weeks of tough practices, the team finally felt confident about winning the first football game of the year. 

Rivera goes on to demonstrate what a good team looks like. For example, “getting into the zone” and having a positive attitude plays a big role in how the team plays. 

“When we were down we needed someone to light the spark or flip the switch so the team and fans could get real loud and have lots of energy,” said Rivera. 

As an orange and blue jersey jolted across the field approaching the touchdown line, the crowd would at first get quiet in anticipation, but they would soon erupt in cheers when the player would score. This is what kicked off the energy of the game. 

“The game got everyone to rise to their feet, the team members and cheerleaders radiating positivity and great sportsmanship,” said Kaylee Tuchmann, junior. 

What really made the game so special was the amount of effort everybody involved  put in. Whether it was the Blue Crew dressing up and learning chants or the football players and cheerleaders putting countless hours into practice, everything was able to come together to make a memorable night. 

Be sure to attend the next football games this season, every Friday. As Luke Yanule, social science teacher and announcer at the games said, the last game included a “positive, vibrant atmosphere.” The games aren’t something any Hoffman student should miss.