Girl’s Volleyball Gives One Hundred Percent

Abby Frank, Staff Writer

With their season coming to an end, the HEHS Girl’s Volleyball teams have a lot to be proud of.

Over the course of their season, all the girls have worked incredibly hard together to become as strong a team as they could be.

“We definitely made a statement by how we played,” said Ashley Poland, senior varsity captain, “which is something I know a lot of us are really proud of.”

Through their determination on and off the court, and with the way they came together to ensure everyone was doing their part and putting in the effort, the players formed a lot of really strong bonds that clearly paid off.

Emma Essex, junior, spoke about the closeness of the team, saying, “I felt connected with my team because every time someone messed up, there was always someone to pick them up no matter what.”

With the strong relationships between teammates and the all-around supportive attitudes, it makes sense how tough the team played, knowing they could rely on all the girls they were playing with.

“We always left everything on the court whether we won or lost,” said Cassidy Ryan, junior.

It’s clear that the determination of the players is what really contributed to their strength and helped them to bring energy and concentration to every game they played.

For many of the girls, they recalled the highlight of their season as winning their home game against Schaumburg.

“The whole game in general was just a spectacular game for us. We were having fun, we stayed positive, and we came together as a team to get the job done,” said Sarah Hazenfield, junior.

The HEHS Girl’s Volleyball Team worked together and always gave one hundred percent, showing that through their perseverance and ability to rely on teammates, they had an incredibly strong season.