Vox is a club for both the trained and the novice singer

If students want to learn how to sing, Vox will help them achieve it.

Vibha Ranganathan, Staff Writer

Vox is a contemporary a cappella group for the non-singer. It encourages people to step out of their comfort zone and experiment with their voices.

“[We work on] A capella pop music. We imitate instruments and sing like soloists. And don’t forget the beatboxing. Anybody can do it and it’s a lot of fun,” said Matthew Schlesinger, director of Vox. “If you don’t think you can, don’t worry we will teach you how.”

The students who are involved get to try out different voice parts, regardless of their experience, and sing the songs they love. The a cappella aspect lets every voice come out differently and encourages kids to feel comfortable with their own abilities.

What makes the ensemble so unique is the diversity of people. It ranges from students who have never even sang a minute in their lives, to classically trained singers who have been learning since a young age.

“It’s like a community. When we rehearse, it doesn’t feel like we’re working. It feels as if we’re just a group of friends doing a unanimous thing,” said Sara Bendel, junior.

During rehearsal the teacher, Schlesinger, works with each student to better understand his or her part and individual voice. The end result is a group of kids who are able to produce several different sounds that harmonize together to create a unique arrangement for every song they work on.