Positive attitudes fuel girls cross country season

Nayelli Toro, Staff Writer

Hoffman Estates Girls Cross Country team attributes most of its success to teamwork and a positive attitude. The girls put time and effort to making sure they did their best at every meet.

“I felt welcomed and everyone was so encouraging and nice and they were really open to new people,” said Alyson Simon, senior.

With new additions to the team, the girls quickly welcomed them and created long lasting friendships with each other. It was a safe and loving environment for everyone on the team.

“You could be having the worst day in school and then go there and forget all about it,” said Krystal Palmer, junior.

The team was an escape from the real world for these girls, they were able to leave the day with smiles on their faces and new memories.

“You have to be mentally strong and believe in yourself,” said Simon. “It’s all about your mindset.”

Not only is the sport physically tiring but emotionally challenging as well, letting negativity consume you can enable you from reaching your goals, Palmer adds. However, with the right attitude great success will follow.