The Madrigals are dedicated to the art of practice and performance

Graciela Ruiz, Staff Writer

While the Madrigal Dinner is the most visible part of being in Madrigals, the first chance for the group to showcase their talents comes in October. A renaissance faire called Stronghold occurs from October 4th to October 6th, and gives the madrigals troupe the opportunity to perform for other faire-goers.

For many in the troupe, the best part of the experience is the chance to interact with others.

“As a jester, my favorite part is interacting with the children. Seeing the wonder in the eyes. Seeing the wonder in their eyes and the widest grins etched on their faces as we “pied piper” them around the field, leading them in a silly dance/march to the tune of the singers, and recorders,” said Rosh Gonzales, senior.

Stronghold also gave the madrigal troupe a chance to bond with one another and create unforgettable memories. Adele Shirkey, junior, said that her experience in Madrigals involved “..a lot of bonding, crying, laughing and smiling with each other.”

“I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” Shirkey continued.

After Stronghold, the Madrigals have a string of performances, but none more important than the Madrigal Dinner. The weeks preceding it are filled with intense practice, although that practice only makes the end result more gratifying for the group.

“Madrigals is one of the most rewarding activities I have been a part of because of the intense amount of rehearsal and preparation,” said Andrew Luzwick, senior. “So many pieces of the end result come together so quickly and everyone is extremely dedicated.”

Dedication is a word that sums up the Madrigal Dinner, from the effort to transform the cafeteria, to the ability of the actors to never break character, sometimes improvising their lines to maintain it.

That dedication is what has made Madrigals, in particular the Madrigal Dinner, an annual tradition and an annual success. For those who had the opportunity to enjoy it, it was a magical night that created an enduring memory.