HEHS girls gymnastics season marked by persistence, passion, and State contenders

Abby Frank, Staff Writer

With the girls gymnastics season having come to its close, it’s amazing to look back at the incredible success the gymnasts had this year.

This year, there was an intense amount of determination shown from this team, with HEHS sending two gymnasts, sophomores Sol Serratos and Elyssa Wuerffel, to compete at state.

“This season overall has had its ups and downs, but my team and I really just wanted to make the best of everything,” said Serratos.

This team consistently showed their persistence and passion for their sport by always putting their best foot forward, whether they were trying to get points at competition or working on new skills at practice.

Every team, however, has to get through challenges to improve.

“Our main challenge was being able to keep a positive attitude when and if someone didn’t do as well as they planned to do. As we progressed through the season, we all were able to get better at moving forward as a team,” said Serratos.

By continuing to keep working hard even in the face of obstacles, this team truly showed how important it is to keep spirits high and always stay motivated to get better.

With positive attitudes and continuing growth, the team had an impressively strong season.