Class of 2020 video offers hope, unity

Jodee Capati, Lead Writer

It all starts with one idea and, in this case, one video highlighting many voices, all in this together. This is the Class of 2020, a class act.

During these times of isolation and hardships, all individuals are being prevented from seeing friends, mentors, and loved ones. During these times of isolation and hardships, it remains difficult to see the positive side of life. Yet, one video sparked hope in the hearts of many.

Kelly Adusah, HEHS senior, produced a video of hope and light. With the help of  fellow Class of 2020 peers, Adusah created a message that talked about events that have impacted our lives.

“We talked about how we spread positivity and how strong of a class we are in the era we grew up in,” said Adusah.

Through the use of technology itself, Adusah was able to reach out to some of her peers to create her inspirational video. She raised awareness about her intention to make a “Class of 2020” project and collaborated with willing seniors who were ready to contribute to the overall message. 

Adusah looked to TikTok and found inspiration to create the script that was given to the seniors, so that they could  reach out to all of the Class of 2020.

“Whenever things get hard, we are never alone and together we can do anything we put our minds to,” said Adusah.

On a personal level, Adusah said the video was helpful as it reconnected her with students and teachers that would tell her of “how proud they are” as she spread positivity during a time like this.

“It can be very frustrating to stay inside but, for this to get better, we all have to do our part,” she said. 

Post high school, Adusah plans on continuing her education in college to become a registered nurse. 

For seniors, it can be heartbreaking when we consider all important events we are missing during this time. This  video offered a ray of light. Together, we strive for greatness, even though we are living apart from one another.

We are united because we are Hawks. If you can’t find the light during this time of darkness, you become the light. We will forever be… the Class of 2020.