HEHS student inspired to give back

Junior Sarah Hazenfield is making masks in an effort to stay busy and help the community.

Abby Frank, Staff Writer

While coronavirus definitely took many high school students off guard, it has also created many opportunities in ways no one could have expected. Many of our own Hoffman Hawks have taken this time to embrace new hobbies, learn new skills, and commit themselves to exciting learning experiences.

One junior in particular, Sarah Hazenfield, has used this opportunity to stay busy and help her community. 

By making masks to donate to anyone who needs them, Hazenfield is embracing a fun way to do whatever she can to provide some much needed reassurance during this time.

“I spent hours each day for a week cutting, pressing, and sewing masks,” said Hazenfield.

While the task may seem like a lot to take on, Hazenfield is happy to have a way to do whatever she can to offer her assistance to those struggling in such difficult times, and donating masks is a great method.

She was inspired as well by stories of others doing the same. “I saw people making masks on the news and I thought I could help with the cause.”

With more and more people dedicating themselves to helping others as coronavirus continues to limit their daily lives, there is a sense of hope that spreads as well.

By uniting and doing everything we can to help the cause, people are showing that we’re all in this together, and the best thing to do is keep a positive attitude however you are able.