Girls Golf shows Tee-rific spirit

Abby Frank, Lead Writer

Although the world of high school sports is definitely much different this year, the HEHS Girls Golf Team has only gotten stronger.

With coronavirus changing the way many athletes are involved in sports, these girls have gone above and beyond in ensuring they still get practice time in and can come together as a team.

Ryan Cloherty, a junior on the Varsity team, reflects on her connection with her teammates.

“We went out together and played golf over weekends and just bonded over anything and everything,” she said.

The extra time and effort they put in has been extremely important, helping them to bond and grow as a team as well as influencing their individual success.

“One of our main team goals this year was to break 200 in a 9-hole match,” said Ashley Oliver, junior, who is on the Varsity team. “Because of our hard work and dedication, we were able to meet this goal before the end of the season.”

In working together and creating shared goals between teammates, the players have demonstrated their ambitious spirit, never losing sight of how important it is for them to each put forward their best effort.

With support from each other and the perseverance all of the players have shown, it’s easy to see how this team has become so strong, but they’ve faced their fair share of challenges as well.

“Hoffman hasn’t normally been known to have one of the best teams in the conference, and people make assumptions about our skill level before we even start the match,” said Oliver. “But despite that, the girls did an excellent job of carrying themselves in a positive manner and representing our school.”

The HEHS Girls Golf team has shown tremendous school spirit, and their optimistic attitudes are just one way they continue to have a positive influence as a group. By staying strong and believing in themselves as well as in one another, their connection grew substantially.

Sophomore Maya Schmidt offers great insight into the unity they had as a team. They “cheered each other on all the time and worked together,” she said.

The Girls Golf team has worked hard in order to earn their great success this season, and it’s clear that they put teamwork and commitment front and center.

From extra practices to positive attitudes, these girls proved they could not be stronger as a group, and their accomplishments make that very clear.