Afternoon tutoring sessions offer students additional academic support

Abby Frank, Lead Writer

With the countless changes in students’ school schedules this year, a sense of normalcy can be a big help, which is exactly what the HEHS afternoon support sessions provide.

Students can come either in person or via Zoom to meet with teachers and get help with a variety of subjects.

“I attended [virtually] and the benefit is being in the comfort of your own home but still getting the much needed help,” said Isabelle Cochran, senior.

Students now have the opportunity to get more academic support from teachers without even having to leave their houses. Although it’s sometimes harder to make connections through a screen, going to afternoon sessions via Zoom is a great way to become a little more engaged with what you’re learning without needing to actually be in school.

The option to seek help in person can be beneficial as well, depending on the various courses students take.

“Being in person is a good experience because it gives me the opportunity to be physically involved in the work we do in class,” said Daniel Lee, senior. “Many of my classes this year are lab-based, and being able to at least do some of them through afternoon support sessions is an awesome opportunity.”

For students this year involved in more hands-on courses, it was a difficult adjustment having to learn at home. Many teachers have recognized this, though, and are putting forth their best effort to make sure students still have opportunities to participate in these learning experiences through afternoon sessions.

“Our class time is reduced this year and in a much less connected method of instruction,” said Darcy Sowle, science department. “The afternoon sessions are a way that we as teachers are trying to help students be successful and connected during this challenging school year.”

With classes an hour long and, for many students, over Zoom, it can be difficult to feel connected to teachers and peers, which can make the learning experience confusing at times. However, with academic support, there are limited spots for the students who come in and students select the times and subjects they want, allowing them to get personalized help they may otherwise not receive.

“I get to know students a little better when I am interacting with them in a small group setting,” said Sowle. “I have been able to see a student’s level of understanding and their misconceptions and struggles when I work with them in an afternoon session much better than I can during the whole class Zoom.”

When working with a teacher in one of these sessions, students are able to get individual assistance with information they may not understand, which is essential during a time when almost everything seems more complicated.

Additionally, in having the option to sign up for sessions occurring at multiple times throughout the afternoon with specific teachers, students are finding they can really focus in on the subject areas they need assistance in, getting personalized practice and building a relationship with their teachers and peers.