The Influence of Personal Aesthetics

Charlotte Castelan, Staff Writer

You might have heard the word “aesthetic” being used often on social media to describe a trendy outfit, a visually appealing TikTok of someone’s daily routine, or even just someone’s appearance. Sometimes the obsession with keeping a certain aesthetic by dressing a certain way and being concerned with your appearance can be exhausting, making some people feel that they have to keep up with a trend or stick to one style.

“I don’t really have a preference, and for design I don’t really care,” said Zen Fabelena, freshman.

The definition of the word generally refers to a concern, interest, or appreciation of beauty, though the term “that’s so aesthetic” isn’t used as much to describe someone’s interest in beautiful things but to describe something as being beautiful or a type of style.

Someone’s personal aesthetic can cover the music they like, clothes, appearance, interests, and much more. This can be distracting and lower self-esteem.

“I think they act less productively because it’s hard to focus without the things that help you focus, and the fact that different people have different focus points, whether listening to music or dressing a certain way,” said Fabelena.

Many people have different personal aesthetics that they try to stick to, but many aren’t as concerned or stressed about appearance. Others enjoy different types of style in many ways, from grunge inspired clothing to pastel colored designs.

“I feel comfortable in more simplistic clothing,” said Julia Wawrzynek, freshman.

The range of different interests and styles makes people unique, and although looking presentable can take a lot of effort, in the end personal expression through an aesthetic makes many people happy and shows individuality.

“I wish it were different and that I didn’t care as much, but at the end of the day I know I’m dressing up for me only,” said Wawrzynek.