HEHS boys soccer has sights set on spring

The team is working hard and working responsibly in anticipation of when they can compete again.


Harshit Sharma, Staff Writer

As the pandemic continues to jeopardize the high school sports, the HEHS boys soccer program is taking full advantage of the limited “Contact Days”. They have been working hard for more than a month now and the players are feeling confident about the season in spring. Even though the season is postponed, their spirits towards the game are still optimistic.

“I feel like the only thing the pandemic changed was the postponing of our season. The players as well as the coaches are putting our hard working efforts into these practices in order to be ready for season next year,” said Logan Garcia, a junior.

The protocols have been highly affective in determining the safety of the program as a whole. All the players are required to fill out a Wellness Screening Test in order to enter the school premises. In addition to this, school trainers are checking the temperature of all the participants to ensure everyone’s well being.

“They are trying to be social distanced inside the field and wearing masks outside the field,” said Head Coach Sean Armstrong.

The students’ cooperative response to this situation has made less worrying for the coaches as well as parents.

“As far as expectations go, everyone is expected to stay home if they feel as though they will jeopardize the program or just anyone in general; we’re all responsible for keeping ourselves and each other safe,” said Colin Grochal, a junior.

Team bonding is one of the essential aspects of working in a athletic group. The players are thriving in the game as well as in supporting each other mentally and physically.

“It has improved common experience and experienced players are working with the younger ones to help them emerge stronger out of this pandemic,” said Coach Armstrong.

Despite the long and tedious summer, players are came back enthusiastically and were ready to hustle it in the practices. The break has made the program very competitive since all the players were eager to get back on the field.

“Coaches are looking out for new talent by encouraging and challenging the players through drills that makes them competitive,” said Coach Armstrong.

The school administration is trying to make it as normal as they can and are playing a crucial role in helping the students prosper during these difficult times. Soccer is a sport of obvious contact and playing it in the pandemic has produced a lot of tough hurdles. However, Hoffman has been able to overshadow these bumps and play the sport they all love.