Fashion still matters for some even when learning at home

Isabella Ocampo, Staff Writer

When in the midst of a pandemic and most of the population at home, students don’t always dress up often; however, there are students who make fashion a priority regardless of being at home when learning. 

“I was the type of girl who every night before school [would] choose my outfit and make sure it matched with the hairstyle I was going to do the day of,” said Vania Chavez, junior. “I also constantly checked the weather to make sure what I was wearing was appropriate. I love wearing different outfits and styles everyday, so I made sure I wore something different everyday.” 

Reflecting on past years has been something that many HEHS students have done during quarantine. This fact has changed how students prepare for their day.

Students most commonly arrive in their Zoom classes in comfy outfits. Because school is not in person for everyone, students have the opportunity to wear things they wouldn’t wear previously on a normal school day.

“My go-to outfit during quarantine is sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt. Anything comfy in my closet will do,” said Jennifer Rios, sophomore.

While it’s common for students to not change clothes for online school, some students do change outfits.

Students took it upon themselves to use this time at home to improve their fashion and come back stronger than ever, turning simple clothing into fashion staples.

It’s also important to recognize that apps like TikTok contribute to the flow of clothing trends; people are very creative on that app. 

Trends like the yarn sweaters, tie-dying, embroidering, customizing shoes and clothes have contributed to the creativity of HEHS students.

Celebrities on social media have inspired some students to improve their fashion and outfits.

“I’ve seen many of my favorite celebrities wear very cool clothing pieces,” said Meklete Binyam, freshman. “This has inspired me to try piecing more unique outfits and clothing together.”

Whether it’s putting on something basic or extravagant, HEHS students have made it a point to improve their hobbies while at home. 

“Fashion trends are very interesting to me because it’s very enticing to see how creative this generation is with their style,” said Aranxa Orantes, senior.”They manage to piece together clothing pieces one would never pair together and they make it work.”