Girls Cross Country: Teamwork makes the dream work


Fenella Cassandra Ibias, Staff Writer

The CDC suggests that high schoolers should get at least sixty minutes of exercise every day. Before the rise of COVID-19, students got their sixty minutes in by using the gym, participating in gym class, and most importantly, joining a sports team; however, the pandemic has gotten in the way of many when it comes to physical activity.

Sports and COVID-19 may not be the most compatible things at the moment, but here at Hoffman Estates High School, the Girls Cross Country team managed to pull it off. They say teamwork was what got them through the fall 2020 season regardless of the current circumstances. 

When asked about a favorite memory of the season, Sophomore Nicole Vlahov said she remembers how well the runners collaborate as a team.

“One of my favorite moments was when we worked together to finish races,” she said. “We all know the pain and how hard it is to finish a race when you aren’t feeling 100%. We are always there for each other and that’s what I love about this team so much.”

According to Manya Kaushik, sophomore, the ability to have a season was a memory all on its own.

“My most memorable moments of this past season were being able to compete with my friends, and honestly being able to have a season at all. This year, since we couldn’t go to as many invites, we had to make the most of the few meets we had,” she said. 

Valerie Daniel, junior, gives an example of how exactly they made the most of these meets.

“I remember this one premeet on the track when everyone was excited for the meet the next day. We got paired up and ran through some 150’s,” she said. “Everyone was smiling and laughing while Coach Ihms was his usual, joking self. Times like that Friday afternoon are why I love to be on this team!”

One of Vlahov’s favorite schools to compete with was Schaumburg High School. “These are schools that are close to us and I know a lot of people there so it was fun to race them,” Vlahov stated. Daniel and Kaushik agree. 

“It was amazing to see how our team was able to improve so much despite our circumstances and that was awesome,” Kaushik said. “This year we were able to get closer as a team with one goal in mind: make the most of what you have.”

While competitions and physical activity are huge components of being a part of a sports team, there seems to be an even bigger, more important aspect of it that every member of the team contributes to: teamwork, team spirit, and memories.

Like the Girls Cross Country team here at HEHS, it’s important to keep the high school community alive and running regardless of the current circumstances. Keep a positive mindset, work with others, and never give up. That’s what a true Hawk does.