A Look Back: HEHS students find summer fun in the midst of a pandemic

Nayelli Toro, Staff Writer

After a prolonged period of quarantine, Hoffman Estates High School students found a way to embrace their summer fun while also staying safe during a difficult time. This year, HEHS students explored the outdoors and discovered new hobbies to make their summer memorable.

“Over the summer I went over to my uncle’s cabin that is up in Wisconsin. I went hiking, caught some fish, and just enjoyed the summer weather,” said Sean Knueven, senior.

Knueven’s summer vacation consisted of engaging in new activities such as hiking in a new location and fishing in the waters of Wisconsin. Although the unusual circumstances prevented some social interactions, he went beyond staying at his own home and made the best of this time.

“My sisters and I made two comedy sketches; one was a parody on American Idol, while the other was where a pet owner finds that her dog isn’t really a dog,” said Jazmin Garcia, senior.

This summer also brought families together and allowed them to reveal their inner creativity. Garcia and her sisters were able to turn their imaginative ideas into reality in their own home.