Homecoming Court Spotlight: Logan Garcia


Eleeana Aranda, Staff Writer

Q: If you could be any TV character, which one would you be and why?
A: I’d be the Flash because he’s the fastest man alive, and I kind of resemble him sometimes. 
Q: What are your plans after graduation?
A: Hopefully (I will) continue my soccer career, go D1, and make my family proud.
Q: What are you most excited for about homecoming night?
A: Just to have fun… it’s our last year and it’s going to be a good night.
Q: Why should people vote for you?
A: I might be underrated sometimes, so it’d be good for a smaller, nice guy to win something. 
Q: What do you have to say to your competitors?
A: Good luck to them. It’ll be a good competition, and it’s going to be a fun time!