Camaraderie and teamwork define HEHS boys golf season

Anand Krishnan, Staff Editor

The HEHS boys golf season may be coming to a close, but teammates realize how much has been gained. 

“Our season finishes [September 29] unless we qualify for sectionals, and I feel like I’m going to miss the guys,” said Josh Lim, senior. “I’ve had such a great time, and this is the only sport that I’ve played for all four years, so it’s going to be kind of tough.” 

Lim, who has been with the golf program for four years, is the captain of the team and one of the leaders in the group.

“Josh really helped me a lot. [During practices], he would take the lead, give me suggestions on what clubs to use to hit, and help me improve as a player,” said Andrew Prabakar, a senior who has been with the golf program for two years.

Lim says that he feels it is his responsibility as a senior varsity player to mentor the younger, newer players to the game.

“I just try to welcome them by also setting an example. Maybe if they [a freshman or first time player] are having a bad hole, I try to encourage them. You don’t want any negativity in the group so I feel being a role model is key within our team,” he said.

This camaraderie and family spirit is key within the golf team. There are only 12 people on the team, so everyone gets to know each other really well and open up to each other.

“Every practice we go after school and wait outside for the bus for around 10 minutes. Then, the bus ride is around 5 minutes,” said Lim. “But even during those 15 minutes we bond a lot, just us group of guys in there, whether it be talking about school or golf or how we’ve been, it’s just a really special experience because everyday I felt we were getting closer and closer.”  

Not only have the members of the golf team grown emotionally and made new friends, but they have also been able to see first-hand the progress they’ve made in the sport.

“At the beginning of the season, I could barely hit a ball straight. And at the end, I feel like I’ve really improved and can hit it farther and more straight and get a better hit every single time,” said Prabakar.

Lim also said how he used to be “terrible” and felt like he was the worst on the team. But through perseverance and patience, the boys were able to improve upon their confidence and develop a love for the game of golf.

Both Prabakar and Lim want to continue golf as a hobby after high school.

“I definitely want to play with my friends when I’m in college to relieve some stress. Hopefully I get better and better every year,” says Prabakar.

It is this mentality of tenacity and desire for improvement that is the hallmark of Hoffman’s golf program.