Girls tennis team celebrates success and camaraderie


Whether during practice or a meet, this team of individuals always supports one other.

Fenella Cassandra Ibias, Staff Editor

Clubs, organizations, and sports are some of the best ways to experience life and make some friends along the way. Sports teams have plenty of bonding time for their members during and after competitions and practices, building strong friendships and an even stronger team spirit. The HEHS Girls Tennis team, for example, goes out for ice cream after practice every once in a while.

Senior Niko Otsuka believes that, along with the ice cream trips, winning fourth place in a tournament was one of the best highlights of the 2021-2022 Girl’s Tennis season. 

Sophomore Nivedhaa Kumar agrees. “I also definitely enjoyed spending time with the team after our quads; I feel like we all get along together and there’s no toxicity,” she said. 

Kumar adds that her team’s growth was a major highlight of the season, with this year’s sectionals revealing major progress and potential.

We placed 5th as a team in sectionals. I felt as though we played well but could have played better,” Otsuka said. “However, we played very competitive players and, although it was slightly overwhelming, I had a great time.”

Kumar and her team competed against Rolling Meadows High School and Elk Grove High School for conferences.

“My doubles partner and I did great at conferences and we were energetic and focused throughout,” Kumar said. “I would like to improve my serves for next season!”