We are thankful for…

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we asked some Hawks what they were most thankful for. Here are their responses.

Anand Krishnan, Staff Editor

“I’m grateful for our nation’s Constitution that guarantees my rights.” – Himanshu Kalani.

“I’m grateful for our military for protecting me.” – Joey Lim.

“I’m thankful for the exotic meals I’ve had the pleasure of trying, such as fish brains, cow intestines, and Pani Puri.” – Jin-Kyo Lee.

“I’m grateful for my basketball teammates and my coach.” – Preet Brahmbhatt.

“I’m grateful for the teachers who have pushed me to try new things.” – Edgardo Franco.

“I’m thankful for my family and the opportunity to play basketball.” – Luka Sparavalo.

“I’m thankful for the community at Hoffman Estates High School for helping me succeed inside and outside the classroom.” – Andrew Prabakar.

“I’m thankful to be alive.” – Lucas Pineda.

“I’m grateful for my mom’s great cooking.” – Sourya Sappa.

“I’m grateful to be healthy and playing basketball.” – Nick Vuckovic.

“I’m grateful for my natural assets.” – Muhammed Raza.

“I’m grateful for my hardworking parents.” – Preetpaul Singh.

“I’m thankful to be back in the classroom with students helping them grow and enjoying a positive learning community once again.” – Mr. John Ulrich.

Everybody has something to be thankful for, and it’s important to reflect and show gratitude towards the ones who care for us and help us succeed. Happy Thanksgiving Hawks!