Freshman perseverance

HEHS freshmen are quick to adapt to high school

Fenella Cassandra Ibias, Staff Editor

Making the transition from middle school to high school immediately after the pandemic was definitely not easy for the Class of 2025, but they still kept their heads up and spirits high through it all. They embodied one of HEHS’s best values: perseverance.

Compared to middle school, freshman Theodore Jonen said that high school is “really interesting, with a lot of new experiences.”

He feels that the first few weeks of high school have changed his life because of the new friendships he’s made. “It’s really interesting seeing all these new people and becoming part of so many new things.” He added that joining clubs and sports were the best ways to foster these friendships.

Freshman Alyssa Brien agreed. “I like to get involved and make some new friends in high school.”

Jasmine Zawahir, freshman, claims that high school gives out more homework. “Don’t put off your homework,” she warns future students.

“Help your friends if they need help with their homework,” Brien said.

Brien also wants future freshmen to know that high school is not as scary as it seems. “Being a freshman is not a big deal. I’m used to high school now. It took me three months,” she said.